Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hello my dear friends, today I would like to share with you some spring mood. Here is my new work «Raspberry»

Raspberry, the queen of forest, symbol of kindness, heartiness and prosperity. Even in the garden raspberry smells the forest freshness, attract with color brightness and unique sweetness.
On the wooden bright and warm color tabletop lighted with the sun, highlights the white cup with raspberry. The pleasant texture of wood gives a warmth, coziness, and atmosphere of a sweet home.
Bright and juicy, sparkling with many tints of red, purple, scarlet color, the raspberry remind a summertime, gives a quiet joy and instantly cheers you up. 

Aloofness of the cold white cup barely highlights the whiteness of powdered sugar, which powders the berries. Several berries are arranged on the tabletop. Textured, thinly painted, with pearl dewdrops on the on the glitter surface – they are magnetically attracts the eye. 

Powdered sugar on the surface of tabletop looks like a snow, shining under the sun and emphasizes the coloring and beauty of berries. The green leafs, emerald green with yellow on the front and elegant matt on the back. The warm brown milky color of a chocolate candies reminds ones more about summers hot.


That’s a really cheerful shining still life could be a wonderful decoration of any interior and become in some sense a talisman of a family home.

Please contact to for any questions.

Size is 30x24cm, Oil on canvas.

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