Friday, October 13, 2017

Still life with scrambled eggs

Still life with scrambled eggs. Oil on canvas. 40x50 cm

To create this still life I was inspired by a simple village breakfast: on a wooden tabletop there are just cooked scrambled eggs in a copper frying pan, pieces of white bread, olives, crackers with butter. There is also a petite dish with yellow butter, a small cutting board with radishes and sliced ham on it.

I chose a warm colouring appeal to cozy feelings, some memories about grandma's heartwarming meal in childhood.

The multilayer technique allowed me to achieve a realistic effect, thoroughly work with details and textures.

As the first step, I made a warm ochre layer with light drawing outlines of objects.

After that, I made up the main color fields.

And finally, a long work on detalisation.

Please check out more details on my web page .

Friday, July 21, 2017

Gooseberry in art

Trying to paint a still life with gooseberry, I was really surprised. It's the first time I paint gooseberry! Actually, quite difficult for depiction but so nice and attractive, gooseberry is a rare subject in world art.
In this post, I collected some paintings with gooseberry I could find.

1. Dutch master Adriaen Coorte.

Adriaen Coorte. Still life of an earthenware bowl of wild strawberries, a bundle of asparagus and sprigs of gooseberry and redcurrants, all on a stone ledge with a pale blue butterfly above. Oil painting, 1689

2. Adriaen Coorte. Still life with asparagus, a spray of gooseberries and a bowl of strawberries. 1698. Oil on canvas. 37 x 44 cm.

3. Adriaen Coorte. Gooseberries on a Table 1701 oil on canvas Cleveland Museum of Art.

4. Oliver Clare. English painter (1853 - 1927)

Still Life with Black Grapes, a Strawberry, a Peach and Gooseberries on a Mossy Bank

5. Louise Moillon. French painter (1609–1696)

Still-Life with Cherries Strawberries and Gooseberries 1630

6. Abraham Gibbens
Still Life with Strawberries, Cherries and Gooseberries In a Blue And

7. Pieter Gallis (1633 in Enkhuizen – 1697 in Hoorn), was a Dutch Golden Age painter.

8. Pieter Claesz (c. 1597–1 January 1660) was a Dutch Golden Age painter of still lifes.

9. Harmen Steenwijck (c.1612 – after 1656) a Dutch Golden Age painter of still lifes, notably of fruit.

10. Still Life with Strawberries and Gooseberries by Adriana Johanna Haanen, 19th Century

Sure, it is not the full collection, but at least that's all I could find. Please suggest paintings if you know one I didn't represent here.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Artfinder Residency. Irises

Some sweet memories from Artfinder Residency 2017.

I definitely decided to paint these wonderful Irises first time I saw them. I love a tender light violet color of elegant flowers. Covered with morning dew shimmering in the sunlight, the petals trembling in the breeze.

I tried to express the air and sunlight around the flowers, using wide brushstrokes of light blue, cold green and warm yellow color. I tried to achieve a maximum impressionistic effect, to capture the beauty of the moment on the canvas.

Some video of the process ^^

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Artfinder residency. Portraying Kate

I met wonderful Kate at Artfinder residency in France and was totally inspired by exceptional beauty. From the first glance I decided - I have to paint her portrait, some way or other!

Looking at Kate' face, I remember paintings of English masters of art 18th century, as Reynolds and Gainsborough. The delicate beauty of their ladies with transparent white skin, lively sky-blue eyes, and contrast dark hair.

Nevertheless, although human portraying is not my favorite painting style, I got a huuuuuge enjoy the process.

It was just a one-hour impressionistic painting, I tried just to capture the spirit and overall impression. I was absolutely happy to spend all the hour-long just staring at Kate and grateful for her patience!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Artfinder Residency. Roses on the Wall

A week ago I spent a wonderful time at Artfinder Residency at lovely place in Brittany, France. I've made a lot of new friends there, new inspiration and also great plein air time!

As my favorite painting theme is floral, I found a lot of inspirative views and flower motives. Today I would like to share a flower piece, wich I gave to mother of our lovely host. This oil painting I made from nature, huge fragrant roses blossom on the wall of the house.

The sunlit glares play on the wall and roses petals and leafs, make a warm and cold rotation of colors. I used expressive wide brushstrokes to show the trembling and vibration of the air and light. I tried to make a free, impressionistic effect, avoiding straight redrawing.

I happy to leave this painting at the place I've paint it and hope it fit to wonderful Manoir de Botcol.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Magnolia blossom plein air

At last, I had my first spring plein air this year! Stunning magnolia blossoms with enormous flowers. The contrast of black branches with white flowers has really cosmic effect!

Juicy petals of magnolia shimmering in the sunlight, the green saturated lawn on the back ground gives more dreamy atmosphere to the view. 

I tried to do my best, and get a real joy of the process.

The big resolution picture of painting coming soon, please dont forget to visit my website!^^
See you soon and sunny spring mood to everybody!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

New materials! Drawing with Copic Drawing Pen

New technologies are on the run, and I'm happy to try something new. Today I drew a flower sketch using black Japanese pen by Copic. This is a famous brand of professional high-quality materials and I can highly recommend it.

The pen looks like a classic fountain pen, but much more obedient in use. Uniform flow of ink and easy pressure control give a fantastic drawing feelings and variety of stroke techniques.
I am very satisfied and planning to proceed working on the sketches.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Clementine etude

Today I worked on the clementine etude. Winter is the best season for clementine, its smell reminds me holiday time and frosty mornings. I like its vivid sunny color and saturated green leafs. 

I tried to depict  juicy slices furrowed with white contrast streaks. The texture of the peel shimmers in the light, its glance surface reflect the light and highlights the volume. Orange and green tones fusing together make a perfect color harmony of the fruit. 

I used an oval canvas for a circle composition. Still thinking about color of the background. I feel it shall be more light and cold, perhaps I refuse the wooden tabletop.