Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Copies of old master paintings. Still life.

Let me show some of my artworks. It were created in the last 5 years. All this pictures are copies of the old master paintings.

I suppose, that copying is very important part of artists working. Of course, the big part of knowledge we can take from nature, but the another one part is experience of old masters, our teachers. For creating something new, especially if we want to do it better, we must to learn know-how of real masterpieces.

So, first one is copy of German master Emilie Preyer,
1. Still life with Grapes Plums Etc. On A Marble Ledge(1878).
Size of this copy is 30x40 sm. Oil on canvas. 2012.

2. Copy of painting British artist Edward Ladell. Still life. Second part of 19th century.
Size of copy about 40x35 cm. 2011. Oil on canvas

3. One more copy of this masters artwork. Still life with Prawns and a Delft Pot.
Size of copy about 35x40 cm. Oil on canvas. 2011.

4. Again Edward Ladell's paintings copy. Still life with peaches.
Size of copy 25x30 sm. Oil on canvas. 2013.

5. Jan Davidsz. de Heem. Still life. Sekond part of 18th century.
Size of copy 30x45sm. Oil on canvas. 2011.

5.1 The fragment of copy with my signature in the right corner

6. And the last one for today is copy of still life with flowers by Josef Burger. (1887 -1966)
Size of copy 30x40sm. Oil on canvas. 2011

If You are interested, each of this pictures You can order. About prices and delivery please ask by email:

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