Thursday, February 13, 2014

Still Life with fruits

Besides copies of old masters painting I create my own artworks. Today I want to introduce you one of my painting. Its not finished yet, and I think it will be interesting to show how does oil painting created in details, not only result of work.
Here is foto of still life, wich one I have compoused by myself. 

I bought fresh fruits at the market and carefully, with no hurry composed them using my experience and rule of golden ratio.
Its not a secret, I'm using photocamera in my work, because it gives me an opportunity to save picture of first expression, when fruits are fresh and looks exactly how they have to. Its very important in multilayer oil painting method wich I'm using.

So, firstlly I created pencil sketch on canves and covered first preparatory layer to hide white color of canvas.
Second step after preparatory layer dried. I took a little brush and one more time drawed sketch of contours with umber color.
And at last I start to expose colours and forms of objects.

Here is my work palette

I continue to modulate form of objects

And step by step finished this layer to compete this stage of work.

Now I have to wait a few days to full drying of layer and continue my work. See you next time!

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