Friday, July 24, 2015

Yellow Irises

Today I would like to share one bright and sunny oil painting of Irises (size 30x40cm). I drew this etude from nature in Botanical garden of Hohenheim University in Stuttgart.

In my opinion, Irises are one of the most picturesque flowers. A lot of artists appealed to Irises in their works. And of course I could not resist to its magical grace.

This etude I made in alla prima technique, applying freer wide strokes of brush. I tried to depict the play of lights and shadows on the petals. The sun generously lighted the flowers, and gave a contrast with deep green leafs and saturated yellow.
I applyed lemon yellow and yellow ochre in the lights and earth brown with emerald green in the shadows.
Also I used white ground of canvas to picture overtones and to highlight the silhouette of irises.

This painting is on sale. If you are interested, please contact to

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