Friday, October 13, 2017

Still life with scrambled eggs

Still life with scrambled eggs. Oil on canvas. 40x50 cm

To create this still life I was inspired by a simple village breakfast: on a wooden tabletop there are just cooked scrambled eggs in a copper frying pan, pieces of white bread, olives, crackers with butter. There is also a petite dish with yellow butter, a small cutting board with radishes and sliced ham on it.

I chose a warm colouring appeal to cozy feelings, some memories about grandma's heartwarming meal in childhood.

The multilayer technique allowed me to achieve a realistic effect, thoroughly work with details and textures.

As the first step, I made a warm ochre layer with light drawing outlines of objects.

After that, I made up the main color fields.

And finally, a long work on detalisation.

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