Friday, July 24, 2015

Yellow Irises

Today I would like to share one bright and sunny oil painting of Irises (size 30x40cm). I drew this etude from nature in Botanical garden of Hohenheim University in Stuttgart.

In my opinion, Irises are one of the most picturesque flowers. A lot of artists appealed to Irises in their works. And of course I could not resist to its magical grace.

This etude I made in alla prima technique, applying freer wide strokes of brush. I tried to depict the play of lights and shadows on the petals. The sun generously lighted the flowers, and gave a contrast with deep green leafs and saturated yellow.
I applyed lemon yellow and yellow ochre in the lights and earth brown with emerald green in the shadows.
Also I used white ground of canvas to picture overtones and to highlight the silhouette of irises.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Apple trees

Nice day to everybody! Today in Stuttgart is horrible hot. We waited summer so long and here it is, but nobody glad now))
So, for today I prepared the new one painting (actually not so new, because I’ve paint it in May^^) plein air etude «Apple trees».  Size 30x40cm, oil on canvas/ cardboard.
This amazing views you can find everywhere in Stuttgart, German nature is really really glorious! Unfortunately, when I painted this landscape, the blossom is almost finished. Only on the foreground you can see some branches with white apple flowers.
I used tender colors to picture the delicate spring nature and atmosphere of silence and spiritual peace.
And in the same time brightness and colors of sunlight that streams through the grass and leaves.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Hello my dear friends!

Today I would like to share my new painting, etude with turnip. First time I saw this amazing pieces, I realized there is no way, I have to paint them! And of course mostly because of picturesque top, its green stems leaves were created for painting!

So, I composed this simple still life, used two pieces of turnip and a pinch of salt. For background I used saturate ultramarine colored board. Its favorably fetching out the delicate light color of roots.

This time I prefer bold and free painting technique in case of greens, and detailed roots and background.

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I think this picture gives some kind of rural atmosphere, simple and cozy. Hope this painting will decorate somebody’s home and give a lot of warm feelings.

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