Friday, December 18, 2015

Still life with a jug, plums and bread. Original hand-made oil painted replica.

Artists all the times before proceed their own artworks, started education with copying paintings of their teachers or masters of painting. So, artist could improve his own skills, learn the hints of mastery and achievements of the foregoer. Copying of masterpieces is not only the studying process, it’s a possibility to get into the inner world of masters creation, make attempt to achieve the spirit of a bygone era.

Most orders for a painting replica received from collectors and art lovers, who wish to complete their collection with missing painting. If original is not available for buying, collector could easily order an original painting copy. Sometimes that’s only the one way to get a favorite artwork in possession.

This time I would like to share my copy of masterpiece of a famous Spain painter Luis Melendez. This is a hand-painted art reproduction made completely according to the technology of old Masters technique.

I am really fascinated by bold and uninhibited painting technique of this artist. By so small means, with just few strokes of brush he could achieve unequalled visual richness and mastery. Simple and ordinary objects of this sill life look really majestically and monumentally.

  Every part painted carefully and has its own character. A shimmering surface of a jug, scattered plums and bread – there is no the second role subjects, all of them are the «main». The mastery of arranging makes all the composition harmonized and unique.

This painting is on sale. An original painted copy could be a perfect decoration for any interior.

Also you can order any copy of any painting you like.
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