Thursday, June 15, 2017

Artfinder Residency. Irises

Some sweet memories from Artfinder Residency 2017.

I definitely decided to paint these wonderful Irises first time I saw them. I love a tender light violet color of elegant flowers. Covered with morning dew shimmering in the sunlight, the petals trembling in the breeze.

I tried to express the air and sunlight around the flowers, using wide brushstrokes of light blue, cold green and warm yellow color. I tried to achieve a maximum impressionistic effect, to capture the beauty of the moment on the canvas.

Some video of the process ^^

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Artfinder residency. Portraying Kate

I met wonderful Kate at Artfinder residency in France and was totally inspired by exceptional beauty. From the first glance I decided - I have to paint her portrait, some way or other!

Looking at Kate' face, I remember paintings of English masters of art 18th century, as Reynolds and Gainsborough. The delicate beauty of their ladies with transparent white skin, lively sky-blue eyes, and contrast dark hair.

Nevertheless, although human portraying is not my favorite painting style, I got a huuuuuge enjoy the process.

It was just a one-hour impressionistic painting, I tried just to capture the spirit and overall impression. I was absolutely happy to spend all the hour-long just staring at Kate and grateful for her patience!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Artfinder Residency. Roses on the Wall

A week ago I spent a wonderful time at Artfinder Residency at lovely place in Brittany, France. I've made a lot of new friends there, new inspiration and also great plein air time!

As my favorite painting theme is floral, I found a lot of inspirative views and flower motives. Today I would like to share a flower piece, wich I gave to mother of our lovely host. This oil painting I made from nature, huge fragrant roses blossom on the wall of the house.

The sunlit glares play on the wall and roses petals and leafs, make a warm and cold rotation of colors. I used expressive wide brushstrokes to show the trembling and vibration of the air and light. I tried to make a free, impressionistic effect, avoiding straight redrawing.

I happy to leave this painting at the place I've paint it and hope it fit to wonderful Manoir de Botcol.