Sunday, December 27, 2015

Heidelberg. Watercolor landscape

Heidelberg is one of the picturesque towns in Germany. It wasn’t destroyed in the Second World War period and saved the charm of the far middle ages. While it’s a lively, young center thanks to the world-renowned University.

Here is a city landscape of street of this charming town. Typical narrow street with open cafes and cozy little shops nicely fits in the medieval architecture.
The picture made using watercolor. Its transparent texture fills the landscape with air, shows the thin iridescence of color and modulates the play of light and shadow. The black pen gives some structuring and highlights the softness of watercolor. 

This watercolor graphic landscape could decorate any office or home interior. 
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Friday, December 18, 2015

Still life with a jug, plums and bread. Original hand-made oil painted replica.

Artists all the times before proceed their own artworks, started education with copying paintings of their teachers or masters of painting. So, artist could improve his own skills, learn the hints of mastery and achievements of the foregoer. Copying of masterpieces is not only the studying process, it’s a possibility to get into the inner world of masters creation, make attempt to achieve the spirit of a bygone era.

Most orders for a painting replica received from collectors and art lovers, who wish to complete their collection with missing painting. If original is not available for buying, collector could easily order an original painting copy. Sometimes that’s only the one way to get a favorite artwork in possession.

This time I would like to share my copy of masterpiece of a famous Spain painter Luis Melendez. This is a hand-painted art reproduction made completely according to the technology of old Masters technique.

I am really fascinated by bold and uninhibited painting technique of this artist. By so small means, with just few strokes of brush he could achieve unequalled visual richness and mastery. Simple and ordinary objects of this sill life look really majestically and monumentally.

  Every part painted carefully and has its own character. A shimmering surface of a jug, scattered plums and bread – there is no the second role subjects, all of them are the «main». The mastery of arranging makes all the composition harmonized and unique.

This painting is on sale. An original painted copy could be a perfect decoration for any interior.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Still life with cheese and garlic

Still life with cheese and garlic is some kind of modern paraphrase to a breakfast still life of Dutch Golden Age painting. Today it lost an unhurried contemplation, changed the symbolic and spatial relation, but we still could “read” this still life like a secret book, a message.

Still life with cheese and garlic could tell to attentive viewer about the frantic pace of modern life, with all its bustle and fuss. Artist views from above on the objects arranged on the table. Edges of the table a bit tilt to a viewer and show the fragility of existence without pillars of traditions.

The broken bread, crumbled on the surface of the table, hurry-scurry cut cheese, circles of sausage, some olives, crumpled wrapping paper and untouched pear – all of these show a haste, renouncement of morning breakfast rite in attempt to fit into a pace of modern city life.


On the barely touched with morning sun, ultramarine blue tabletop we could see the round cutting board. Its natural wood texture and warm ochre color reminds the Sun on the blue sky.  

Crumpled paper brings some disarray, but it balanced with velvety texture of cheese. Pink cut sausage and clove garlic give some spicy, and gold-green olives add a variety to color palette.

But the main object of the still life is pear. A little bit aloof, separated and thinly painted pear is a symbol of love and health. Warm and gold yellow is pleasing to eye and calms.

This full of meanings and details still life could became a perfect decoration for dining room as well as for cozy interior of a cafe.
Still life is on sale.
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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Red Gladiolus

I cant stop to admire the variety of sorts and colors of Gladiolus. This time I was inspired by attractive combination of tenderness and expression.

On the blue sky background barely touched with sunlight, brightly highlighted the flaming petals of gladiolus in all its glory. Shimmering with all tones of red – from carmine to orange red, they actually attract the eyes.

This burning riot of red is cooled with lightly cold tender pink silky petals that are supplement to this fire still life a bit of brittleness and delicateness.

Heavy green stem of flower balanced and harmonized the color composition.

This still life could decorate any interior. Especially suitable for the north side of the room, it could became a beautiful bright ascent.

Flower Red Gladiolus original oil painting

Painting is on sale.(actual size 24x30cm)
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Some of my flower pieces:

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Thursday, November 19, 2015


Ripe Sunflowers, textured, each of them has its own unrepeatable uniqueness and compels attention of artists for a long time. Sunflowers became a symbol of Sun and vitality.
On the picture you can see a sunflower in a full vigor. Signs of wilting barely touched a flower, its yellow petals still tremble on the wind. Stem is juicy green and full of vital energy. Only the velvet black, special shine of seeds hints about the soon fading on the one side and undercover spark of life on the another side.
Depicted on the sky blue background sunflower as if it can’t leave the Sun. The cold blue highlights a warm green of flower, its vitality, relief and peculiar monumentality. All this modest triumph of being complemented with volume green of leaf shined with sunlight.

This still life could perfectly decorate a dinning area or an open veranda. Wonderfully blend in the children's room and give a shining joyful mood.
Size 30x30 cm., oil on canvas/cardboard.

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Some another flower still lifes:

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Friday, November 13, 2015


Amazing variety of forms and colors of gladiolus makes it one of the favorite flowers of artists. 
Vincent van Gogh and Clod Monet painted gladioluses as separately, as in flower pieces. These flowers let painters to show all color palette, game of tones on its velvet petals, which sometimes reflex and sometimes absorb the sunlight. Old masters could show the whole symphony of fillings on the canvas through these glorious flowers.
Let me introduce you my attempt to show the charming of gladiolus. Noble knightly color of a ripe cherry, velvet and royal, it fills all space of canvas, as if it soars over lightly cold background, which highlights beauty of flower. Warm spots of yellow accent an expression of red color in the light tones.

This still life perfectly fits into the still interior and gives not only a bright color accent, but also a good mood to owner.
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Friday, November 6, 2015

Field flowers

In this gray November evening I would like to share some sunny summer piece. This bright etude I painted from nature. I picked a little bouquet of a nice wild flowers. Here is some varied forms and colors. I placed in the center the most big and attractive flower with a blue petals and yellow core. Intense yellow «shaggy» flowers gives a vivid note to the picture. Light blue, pink and violet knapweeds are enliven the color palette and harmonize with background. Flowers and leaves lighted with sun. For a background I applied curved brush strokes and freer painting manner.

Picture is signed on the right bottom. Actual size of original artwork 24x30cm. Oil on canvas/cardboard.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


So, today let me share one more little fruit painting - Raspberries (oil on canvas/cardboard, 15x15cm). Honestly, raspberries are my favorite berries. I like its saturated color and yummy form. For this etude I spilled a handful of berries on the white table.
I applied soft strokes to achieve lightly blending of colors. Also, I carefully painted all details, overtones and reflexes using fine pointed brush.

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Friday, October 30, 2015


Relax Friday night to everybody! Let me a bit interrupt my flower series, this time I would like to share some fruit etudes. 
First one is a little plum painting (oil on canvas, cardboard 15x15cm). I composed this simple still life using three plums, each one is different size and color. I tried to depict its dusty-white coating and smoothness.  I fond of its amazing cold violet and light blue tones. Using  short broken strokes I took attempt to depict scrapes and roughness of fruit.

I also painted reflexes in the shadows of plums on the table, to get more volume to the fruits. The main accent of the shadow must be on the border, and as possible light and transparent in the center.
For background I used usual white surface, that highlight fruits very good.

Picture signed on the left bottom.

Some interior decor ideas:

▧ Size 15x15cm. Oil on canvas/cardboard.
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Friday, October 23, 2015


Today I would like to continue my flower theme. 
This time my new work – etude of light purple gladiolus.
I really fall in love with these flowers. Especially I like its tender soft creamy color. Saturated purple core underlines lights of petals. I used carmine light and blue ultramarine with whites for midtones and a bite lemon yellow for stamens. Also I took attention to reflexes, to give more volume to flowers and some sense of air on canvas. To balance a color palette I used emerald green and light blue tones for background.

 Please click to enlarge the image.

Painting signed on the right bottom.

▧ Size 30x24cm. Oil on linen/ cardboard.
◆ Price 399 €
✈ Shipping all over the world from Germany. (Shipping costs: EU 15€, UK 20€, US 25€, AU 25€)
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See you soon!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Red Peony

 Hello my dear friends!
 Let me show my new work «Red Peony»,  oil on canvas/cardboard (size without frame 30x30 cm).
 Peony is one of my favorite flowers, I like it's saturated and tender colors, juicy petals and intricate form.  I inspired by   pictures of Chinese and Japanese masters of art, ink drawings and  engravings.
I used carmine red in shadows and cadmium red in middle tones and lights. Also here and there I used a white canvas ground instead whites, that gives some freshness and vivid to painting.  
Please click to increase the image.

Painting is beautifully framed and ready to shipping.
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See you next time! Chao!