Friday, November 13, 2015


Amazing variety of forms and colors of gladiolus makes it one of the favorite flowers of artists. 
Vincent van Gogh and Clod Monet painted gladioluses as separately, as in flower pieces. These flowers let painters to show all color palette, game of tones on its velvet petals, which sometimes reflex and sometimes absorb the sunlight. Old masters could show the whole symphony of fillings on the canvas through these glorious flowers.
Let me introduce you my attempt to show the charming of gladiolus. Noble knightly color of a ripe cherry, velvet and royal, it fills all space of canvas, as if it soars over lightly cold background, which highlights beauty of flower. Warm spots of yellow accent an expression of red color in the light tones.

This still life perfectly fits into the still interior and gives not only a bright color accent, but also a good mood to owner.
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