Saturday, January 30, 2016


The majestic beauty of Amaryllis won the hearts of artists and florists all over the world. It named in honor of mythical nymph, who seduce young men and stole their hearts and calmness until the gods turned her into a wonderful flower. That flower was lost deep in deserts, far away from people, and even now Amaryllis delights with glory of colors and forms.

Chinese tradition considers Amaryllis to a fire element. The symbol of desire, dynamic and power. Meanwhile Japanese conversely expect this flower a symbol of modesty and indecision.

The mix-colored Amaryllis on the on the picture has a bright orange-red colored petals turned in tender rose and white in the deep of flower. The dramatic desire of red color highlighted with cold green-blue background.

Painting process

Interior view

▧ Size 30x30cm. Oil on linen.
◆ Price 199 €
✈ Shipping all over the world from Germany. (Shipping costs: EU 15€, UK 20€, US 25€, AU 25€)
✉ Please contact to for any questions.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Kohlrabi cabbage. Oil on canvas still life. Painting in process.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the Kohlrabi cabbage, this trivial vegetable has an intricate form. The absolutely harmony of violet root and saturated green of leafs makes the kohlrabi an unique art object.

The objects depicted from the high viewpoint. That helps to show all richness and intricate tracery of leafs. I started with fluid fine layer of paints, like the watercolor painting without whites. That helps me to preserve a transparency in future. 

Firstly I painted the roots, using a mix of ultramarine blue and carmine red to achieve a violet color.

For leafs I used an emerald green, cobalt green and lemon yellow for middle tones. In shadows I also mixed an ultramarine blue, that calls to a tabletop color.  The saturated ultramarine blue of tabletop supplements the color palette. As well I proceeded the detailing of roots, using whites for this ones.

And the final stage - detailing with a fine brush. Texture of wood, finest streaks of leafs, everything is important. Here is the result.

Some fragments:


This simple, minimalistic still life could be a bright accent in any interior.
Actual size 30x40cm. Oil on canvas|cardboard. Painting is on sale. Please contact to for any questions.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Luis Melendez - master of still life

I recently returned from Spain, and I was so happy to visit a National Art Museum of Catalonia in Barcelona. First of all, that was a chance to see the real works of my favorite still life master – Luis Melendez. Unfortunately, there was only one painting on exposition, but anyway I've get a wonderful experience. 
So, I would like to dedicate my post to this great painter. Here I’ve collect some pictures in a high resolution, so you could fully enjoy the masterpieces.

 Luis Melendez is one of the greatest masters of Spain of 18th century. His works are highly appreciated as well as masterpieces of famous Francisco Goya. And its hard to believe, that he dyed in poverty and obscurity. 

 The most innovation of these still lifes is a composition. All objects a very close to a viewer, like they are fall out of the picture. They absolutely fill all the space of canvas.

I like the conciseness and asceticism of color pallet as well as composition. Usually master chose a simple dishes, fruits and vegetables, typical for Spain.

 At first glance it seems that objects on the table arranged randomly, but in fact, the composition is carefully planned. Every object is on its own place, harmonized and unity with all another objects. 

 Using a strong lighting, Melendez highlights the volume of forms, texture and finest details.

 The bold free manner of painting, strong strokes and such humble tools make these still lifes absolutely unique.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The lemon mood!

Although it’s January now, I have a glad sunny mood. Two days ago I returned from magnificent Barcelona (and by the way, absolutely fall in love with Spain). So, I’m full of energy and ready to productive work.

I would like to share some sunny mood with you; here is a photo of my work process. Glaring saturated lemon inspired me with its gnarled form, which gives an ideal chance to depict the play of light, reflexes and texture of the fruit. And of course, the bright green crooked twig became the object of special attention for me. Charming detail!

I wish a good shining weather to everybody, see you soon!^^