Friday, September 16, 2016

Red-white roses

These magnificent multicolored roses I picked on the rose farm in Stuttgart. That's really rare sort of roses I've never get in my hand before and the long-awaited painting challenge.

I made an attempt to depict on canvas the harmony of ivory, light pink, red and carmine, the cold violet tones on the shadows, the warm lighting on  the velvet petals.

Roses are at the peak of blooming, the withering hadn't touched the petals, but the boutons just a little bent under the weight.

Unfortunately, the picture couldn't convey an amazing flavor of flowers, I've enjoyed while painting process.

Hope, you like the result!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

On the cabbage field

Today I've spent a wonderful plein air day on the cabbage field. It was extremely hot, about 30C despite 8th of September! Anyway, I got a lot of great impressions.

The cabbage was wonderful violet-lilo-coldgreen shimmered color. The sunlit highlighted the juicy leafs, so I could see all details of texture.

I felt sorry that couldn't stay longer because of hot, to make one more picture. Hope to come again!