Friday, August 14, 2015


Good sunny day to everybody! This year we have a really hot summer in Stuttgart, and as result, a lot of tasty fruits and berries!! So, my paintings for today are yummy strawberries. Here is some photo of painting process. And believe me, I couldn't wait to finish work and eat them all!^^


So, I did two etudes (both are 20x20cm., oil on canvas/cardboard) in alla prima technique, using thin soft brushes. I created form, using white color of canvas on the overtones, clean open cadmium red on lights and middle tones, and carmine in the shadows. I drew reflex to achieve more volume form. I tried to detail my painting as well, but in the same time give it some freshness, the impression of first glance. Also, I didn't use deep dark colors, even in the shadows, to show the sunlight and air in the picture.

For this painting I choose a little warmer coloring. One of the berries is cut in two parts, and I depicted its wet surface and water drops.


Both of paintings are on sale. If you are interested, please contact to

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