Friday, August 7, 2015

Dragon Flowers (Snapdragons)

These exceptional flowers called dragon flower (also known as snapdragons) I bought in flower shop near the house and decided to paint it as soon as possible.   

Although, dragon flowers are the wildflowers, I find them very fine and elegant. These really amazing small flowers have very interesting unusual form of petals, with color gradient from saturated pink to white. 

So, I painted this middle size etude from nature. As usual, for background I used light blue sky tone, for flowers I applied carmine, titan white, lemon yellow and emerald green. This time I didn’t stop on detail so much, I tried to achieve an impressionistic effect, some sense of air and light  in the picture.

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▧ Size 20x30 cm. Oil on canvas/cardboard.
◆ Price 118 €
✈ Shipping all over the world from Germany. (Shipping costs: EU 15€, UK 20€, US 25€, AU 25€ Other contries 35€)
✉ Please contact to for any questions.

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