Friday, May 29, 2015


Only two days to Summer, and I wish really warm sunny mood to everybody!
And as usual my new painting. Today it's my favorite irises, oil on canvas plein air etude.

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Good weekend to everybody!!
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Still life with cheese and pear.

Good Weekend to everybody! My new work for today is still life with cheese and pear, oil on canvas (size 30x40cm).

In this picture you can find a familiar motif, as in still life with Plums in the glass. Cheese and bread on the board, redcurrant, figs and plums. But this time I chose absolutely different color scheme. Saturated carmin of background stresses the objects on the foreground and set the tone to all painting. Green pear in the center of composition favorably match with deep carmin tone of drapery and balance it. As well as branches of plum with its saturated green leafs.
Also the bright red of redcurrant and juicy orange pulp of fig call up to background and in a manner loop the composition. At the same time I attended to details and throughly drew all fine components.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Yellow Narcissus

Glad to return after 1 month time-out to my cosy blog. So, with new forces, now I'm ready to share a lot of new paintings. Especially, spring is the best time for creative work)

 Yellow Narcissus. Oil on canvas. April 2015.

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Have a good weekend and see you soon!