Monday, February 24, 2014

Still Life with fruits. Part 2.

Let me continue a narrative about creating multilayer oil painting. Today I proceed the next layer. Last time I expanded all objects with color, and now step by step start to detail each subject depicted on canvas.

Here You can compare to previous time how much changed the picture

Some details

As You can see, I used thick paint strokes to increase the shape of lemon. Thin and small brush strokes for plum. Also a detailed fruits in the basket, table, vase and variegated color of background. It tacked one evening of work, and week of waiting after to complete drying of layer.

One week later I continued my work. This time I much more attentively detailed lemon on the foreground and its leaf. Worked at other fruits, especially plum and grapefruit.

So, as You can see, multilayer oil painting technique takes a lot of time because of waiting of each layer drying before starting the next one. Because of it artists used to proceed few pictures at the same time. So am I. Usually I work with three, four or more canvas  at the same time. Next time I show you some of my new works, which is still in process of painting. See you! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Still Life with fruits

Besides copies of old masters painting I create my own artworks. Today I want to introduce you one of my painting. Its not finished yet, and I think it will be interesting to show how does oil painting created in details, not only result of work.
Here is foto of still life, wich one I have compoused by myself. 

I bought fresh fruits at the market and carefully, with no hurry composed them using my experience and rule of golden ratio.
Its not a secret, I'm using photocamera in my work, because it gives me an opportunity to save picture of first expression, when fruits are fresh and looks exactly how they have to. Its very important in multilayer oil painting method wich I'm using.

So, firstlly I created pencil sketch on canves and covered first preparatory layer to hide white color of canvas.
Second step after preparatory layer dried. I took a little brush and one more time drawed sketch of contours with umber color.
And at last I start to expose colours and forms of objects.

Here is my work palette

I continue to modulate form of objects

And step by step finished this layer to compete this stage of work.

Now I have to wait a few days to full drying of layer and continue my work. See you next time!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Copies of old master paintings. Still life.

Let me show some of my artworks. It were created in the last 5 years. All this pictures are copies of the old master paintings.

I suppose, that copying is very important part of artists working. Of course, the big part of knowledge we can take from nature, but the another one part is experience of old masters, our teachers. For creating something new, especially if we want to do it better, we must to learn know-how of real masterpieces.

So, first one is copy of German master Emilie Preyer,
1. Still life with Grapes Plums Etc. On A Marble Ledge(1878).
Size of this copy is 30x40 sm. Oil on canvas. 2012.

2. Copy of painting British artist Edward Ladell. Still life. Second part of 19th century.
Size of copy about 40x35 cm. 2011. Oil on canvas

3. One more copy of this masters artwork. Still life with Prawns and a Delft Pot.
Size of copy about 35x40 cm. Oil on canvas. 2011.

4. Again Edward Ladell's paintings copy. Still life with peaches.
Size of copy 25x30 sm. Oil on canvas. 2013.

5. Jan Davidsz. de Heem. Still life. Sekond part of 18th century.
Size of copy 30x45sm. Oil on canvas. 2011.

5.1 The fragment of copy with my signature in the right corner

6. And the last one for today is copy of still life with flowers by Josef Burger. (1887 -1966)
Size of copy 30x40sm. Oil on canvas. 2011

If You are interested, each of this pictures You can order. About prices and delivery please ask by email:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

About me


My name is Daria and I have a pleasure to introduce You my new blog about painting. I'm a professional artist, I have graduated the Academy of Art in St-Petersburg, Russia. My specialty is oil Paintings and restoration of old oil painted artworks.

I have been studying painting since I'm 6 years old, and still doing it all the time, day by day, all my life. Because the magic of traditional art is no matter how much experience you have, it will open new horizons every time. I'm enjoying my work, and I think painter is the best specialty in the world, so I want to share this joy with You.

See You soon.
With best regards.

Hope, my awful English will not afraid You too much)