About me

 I am a professional artist, located in Stuttgart, Germany.

From my first step, my future way was deteminated. My father, grandma and grandpa, uncle and aunts were artists. So, the paints, canvases, pictures and sculptures were all around me, and I had started to absorb the spirit of painting from my birth and make my first conscious attempts when I was 3 years old. In my 7-year I went to school of art and 5 years later I enrolled into vocational art school. In 2005 I were pleased to enter the Academy of Arts (S. Petersburg State University of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named by Repin), the faculty of painting with specializing in restoration. In 2011 I got a magister degree as a professional painter and restaurateur of oil painting.

Currently, I work as a self-employed artist. I sold my works through the galleries in S.Petersburg and to private collections. You can enjoy my paintings in online store or visit my studio in Stuttgart.

The primary inspiration for me is nature, the richness of forms, the vividness of colors and harmony in the whole. I also keen for experience of Old Classic School of painting, which I get through the following by the best practices of masterpieces of Old masters. Trying to make close replicas which are presented in my portfolio. My second specialty is restaurateur, that is why I pay a special attention to the painting technology, using only high quality  materials to save my artworks in exellent condition and intact for a long time.

«Beauty will save the world» - said the classic. I believe it, and hope to bring some piece of beauty in this world as I perceive it.


 You are welcome to contact me also via

Email: artwindd@gmail.com
Twitter: @ArtWindd
Facebook: Daria Artwind
Instagram: dariaartwind 
Pinterest: artwind 

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