Thursday, October 8, 2015

White freesias. Oil on canvas

Good day to everybody!

So, we haven’t seen long time, and now I glad to return. Summer holidays are finished, but I didn’t  waste time and accumulated a lot of works to share to you.

Today in Stuttgart we have quite gloomy weather and I would like to share something sunny and lightly. That’s why I chose this etude with white freesias (oil on canvas).

Flowers are brightly lit by Sun and its curved petals gives intricate shadows. I used cold blue-violet colors in the shadows and warm lemon-yellow whites. I applied saturated greens for stems, emerald green in shadows and lemon yellow in the lights. For background I chose open blue tone of ultramarine light.

Painting in the interior

▧ Size 18x24cm. Oil on linen/cardboard.
◆ Price 359 €
✈ Shipping all over the world from Germany. (Shipping costs: EU 15€, UK 20€, US 25€, AU 25€)
✉ Please contact to for any questions.

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