Friday, December 11, 2015

Still life with cheese and garlic

Still life with cheese and garlic is some kind of modern paraphrase to a breakfast still life of Dutch Golden Age painting. Today it lost an unhurried contemplation, changed the symbolic and spatial relation, but we still could “read” this still life like a secret book, a message.

Still life with cheese and garlic could tell to attentive viewer about the frantic pace of modern life, with all its bustle and fuss. Artist views from above on the objects arranged on the table. Edges of the table a bit tilt to a viewer and show the fragility of existence without pillars of traditions.

The broken bread, crumbled on the surface of the table, hurry-scurry cut cheese, circles of sausage, some olives, crumpled wrapping paper and untouched pear – all of these show a haste, renouncement of morning breakfast rite in attempt to fit into a pace of modern city life.


On the barely touched with morning sun, ultramarine blue tabletop we could see the round cutting board. Its natural wood texture and warm ochre color reminds the Sun on the blue sky.  

Crumpled paper brings some disarray, but it balanced with velvety texture of cheese. Pink cut sausage and clove garlic give some spicy, and gold-green olives add a variety to color palette.

But the main object of the still life is pear. A little bit aloof, separated and thinly painted pear is a symbol of love and health. Warm and gold yellow is pleasing to eye and calms.

This full of meanings and details still life could became a perfect decoration for dining room as well as for cozy interior of a cafe.
Still life is on sale.
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