Saturday, December 5, 2015

Red Gladiolus

I cant stop to admire the variety of sorts and colors of Gladiolus. This time I was inspired by attractive combination of tenderness and expression.

On the blue sky background barely touched with sunlight, brightly highlighted the flaming petals of gladiolus in all its glory. Shimmering with all tones of red – from carmine to orange red, they actually attract the eyes.

This burning riot of red is cooled with lightly cold tender pink silky petals that are supplement to this fire still life a bit of brittleness and delicateness.

Heavy green stem of flower balanced and harmonized the color composition.

This still life could decorate any interior. Especially suitable for the north side of the room, it could became a beautiful bright ascent.

Flower Red Gladiolus original oil painting

Painting is on sale.(actual size 24x30cm)
Please contact to for any questions.

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