Monday, February 24, 2014

Still Life with fruits. Part 2.

Let me continue a narrative about creating multilayer oil painting. Today I proceed the next layer. Last time I expanded all objects with color, and now step by step start to detail each subject depicted on canvas.

Here You can compare to previous time how much changed the picture

Some details

As You can see, I used thick paint strokes to increase the shape of lemon. Thin and small brush strokes for plum. Also a detailed fruits in the basket, table, vase and variegated color of background. It tacked one evening of work, and week of waiting after to complete drying of layer.

One week later I continued my work. This time I much more attentively detailed lemon on the foreground and its leaf. Worked at other fruits, especially plum and grapefruit.

So, as You can see, multilayer oil painting technique takes a lot of time because of waiting of each layer drying before starting the next one. Because of it artists used to proceed few pictures at the same time. So am I. Usually I work with three, four or more canvas  at the same time. Next time I show you some of my new works, which is still in process of painting. See you! 

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