Sunday, March 2, 2014

Still life with wine decanter and grapes. Part 1.

This time I would like to introduce You my new work. It’s still in progress, so You can see every single stage, how it was created step by step.

As You know, I using a classic multilayer oil painting technique, which had been used by old masters. It means that every layer is thin and before drawing the next layer, surface must be completely dried. In my work I am using only high quality materials and following to all technologies. 

So, every painting is started from drawing sketch. I used usual pencil.

Second stage is covering canvas with base color. For hide very bright white color of canvas and prepare surrounding for painting.

After one week surface is completely dried and I continue my work.
Now I want to strengthen my sketch, and as well I feel all subjects on canvas are depicted a little high up, so I want to put it down for a little beat.

As result 

Few days of drying layer and I proceed to draw with color, trying to depict it as close to nature as I can.

One more week of waiting for drying layer and continue to work. This time I start to detail objects.

And step by step attentively drawing all surface.

Now, as You can as you can guess, a weekly break for drying layer)
See You next time! To be continued. 

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