Saturday, March 22, 2014

Still life with wine decanter and grapes. Part 2. Final

Hello everybody. Today I want to proceed a narrative about creating an oil painting step by step. This painting is already done at the last week, and here is some photo that shows how exactly it was created in details. 

Last time I stopped at detailing and so I continue.
I detailed grapes, table and almond in the foreground.

2. Fragment

3. Fragment

Waiting for a few days for drying layer. And continue. Detailed plum and lemon, created water drops and the other small pieces.

 2. Compare to previous its became more complete form

Again waiting for drying layer to continue painting. 

And finally let me show absolutely complete view of still life. 

Here I added a dragonfly for the best balance of composition. Finished wine decanter and completely drew all textures and small pieces.   




At the bottom right corner You can see my signature and year of creation (2014). Canvas size 35x40cm.
So, painting is finished and covered with varnish. It took about one month for creating this artwork. Hope it was interested for you to observe all process, see you soon)

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