Saturday, February 14, 2015

Flower bouquet

Today is 14th February, St. Valentin’s day, and I would like to wish everybody love and romantic mood. And of course, there is no happy Valentin without flowers! Here is my new work “Flower bouquet”. I composed and started to paint it as well in the end of October, but hadn’t  any time to finish it until now, because of a new projects. And now its finally  done. Hope you'll like it!

I picked up this cute flowers of the field near my home in Stuttgart. I like the way that red, pink and yellow pieces harmonized with each other. In the center of composition I placed a bright red poppy.

So I made a focus on it.

For the next step I blocked all surface of canvas with color applying wide fluid strokes.

And final stage is detailing. With fine pointed brush I thinly drew the petals, leafs, apple on the table and nuts.

I used light blue-grey color for background to highlight the saturation of flowers.

Size 40x50cm. Oil on canvas.
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