Friday, February 27, 2015

Mandarins on the drapery

Good Friday evening to everybody! And my new painting for today is oil on canvas etude – Mandarins on the emerald green drapery.  (canvas size 25x25 cm. )

I chose square canvas for this etude and arranged mandarins in the diagonal position. To balance the composition I used the oppositely folds of drapery.
Its deep greens harmonize with saturated orange color of fruits. I used soft blending brush to achieve smooth surface effect on the drapery. Also, emerald green of background is favorably shades the mandarins tone and gives beautiful cold reflex in the shades. To draw texture of fruits I used fine pointed brush, applying pointed strokes. I find these two pieces very impressive because of picturesque leafs on the top. And I took attention to its fine streaks and outlined edges.

Hope you like it! If you are interested please contact to
Have a Nice weekend, and see you again!

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