Monday, March 28, 2016

Anemone flower

Happy Easter Holidays to everybody!

My new painting for today is Anemone flower etude.
This is a new variation (the previous Anemone painting).

I used a square format of canvas cardboard. The picture made in alla prima technique from nature. Two big and fully opened flowers on the pastel blue-greenish background. Saturated violet and ultramarine hues of petals make the flowers juicy and bright.

This painting fits to any modern and classic interior.

▧ Size 20x20cm. Oil on canvas/cardboard.
◆ Price 169 €
✈ Shipping all over the world from Germany. (Shipping costs: EU 15€, UK 20€, US 25€, AU 25€)
✉ Please contact to for any questions.

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