Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Kohlrabi cabbage. Oil on canvas still life. Painting in process.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the Kohlrabi cabbage, this trivial vegetable has an intricate form. The absolutely harmony of violet root and saturated green of leafs makes the kohlrabi an unique art object.

The objects depicted from the high viewpoint. That helps to show all richness and intricate tracery of leafs. I started with fluid fine layer of paints, like the watercolor painting without whites. That helps me to preserve a transparency in future. 

Firstly I painted the roots, using a mix of ultramarine blue and carmine red to achieve a violet color.

For leafs I used an emerald green, cobalt green and lemon yellow for middle tones. In shadows I also mixed an ultramarine blue, that calls to a tabletop color.  The saturated ultramarine blue of tabletop supplements the color palette. As well I proceeded the detailing of roots, using whites for this ones.

And the final stage - detailing with a fine brush. Texture of wood, finest streaks of leafs, everything is important. Here is the result.

Some fragments:


This simple, minimalistic still life could be a bright accent in any interior.
Actual size 30x40cm. Oil on canvas|cardboard. Painting is on sale. Please contact to for any questions.

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