Saturday, February 6, 2016

Paintings in the interior

Today I would like to represent some photos of my artworks in the real interior. I think it's very important to imagine how exactly the painting decorate your hause.
Oil painting could be a perfect decoration for a living room, dining space, bedroom etc. Made with love, original painting keeps a piece of artist's soul, gives a vivid emotion and never get boring.
I made this photos in my own home, I hope it could be some tip for your home decoration ideas. But of course, you can give rein to one's imagination and come up with your own vision.

Paintings for bedroom

↑ Paintings on the picture:
  1. Red Peony. Oil on canvas, 30x30cm. 450€
  2. An almond brunch. Watercolor on paper. 24x32cm. 200€
  3. Gladiolus. Oil on canvas. 24x30 cm. 380€
Living room

↑Paintings on the picture:
  1. Red Amaryllis. 30x40cm. Oil on canvas. 350€
  2. Still life with walnuts. 24x32cm. Watercolor. 280€

Painting in the dining area


Living room

↑Paintings on the picture:
  1. Red Gladiolus. 18x24 cm. Oil on canvas. 350€
  2. Mandarins. 30x30. Oil on canvas. 250€
  3. Still life with pumpkin (center) 30x60. Oil on canvas. 550€
  4. Still life with pumpkin on the blue drapery. 30x40 cm. Oil on canvas. 600€
  5. Strawberries. 20x20cm. Oil on canvas. 380€
  6. Raspberries. 30x24cm. Oil on canvas. 550€
  7. Still life with plumes in the wine glass. 40x40cm. Oil on canvas. 2000€
Shipping from Germany all over the world.
Please contact to for any questions.

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