Friday, November 28, 2014

Still life with cheese and plums in the wine glass.

At last I finished my new still life and glad to introduce it!)
This time I chose “provence”   theme and composed my still life using cheese, wine glass, figs and nuts. For background I used calm grey and for foreground saturated red. It took about one and half month to completely finish this painting because of multilayer oil painting method – every single layer is drying quite long and one week more waiting before covering with varnish.
Here is some picture story about creating this painting step by step.

First of all is light contour drawing.

The second stage is covering surface with open colors

Now its time to detail. I try to specify the forms of objects and colors of light, mild tones and shadows. 

Here is some fragments

And so, homestraight. Peace by peace I’m moving on the canvas and neatly detailing cheese, nuts, berries and other fine parts. 

 At last, painting is finished! (Click to encrease)


Painting is completed, covered with varnish, framed and waiting for its happy owner)
Please remember, I changed my location – now I’m living in Germany. You can purchase  this painting, please write to
See you next time, Auf Wiedersehen!)

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