Saturday, May 3, 2014

“Turkish Bath”. Copy painting step by step

Last time I introduced my big copy of “Harem pool” by Jean-Leon Gerome. I did it last summer and now I have started a new one copy of this painter, as I said I like him very much. His technique is really incredible and during copying I’m learning a lot of useful features of oil painting knowhow.  
This time I chose a painting “Turkish Bath” (1870)  by Jean-Leon Jerome. I have a good resolution picture of this painting.
Now I would like to show you all process of creating copy step by step.
So, let’s begin. First of all I drew a sketch with pencil.

I buyed a new canvas, so firstly I tried how oil paints collaborates with its surface (You can see a trial area at the left bottom). So, its ok and I continue.
Second stage is covering a first layer called imprimatura layer (The term itself stems from the Italian and literally means "first paint layer". Its use as an underpainting layer and provides not only an overall tonal optical unity in a painting but is also useful in the initial stages of the work, since it helps the painter establish value relations from dark to light).

As usual, few days of waiting to full drying of layer.
Now I can start to detail figures of bathers and interior.  It will help me not to lose a sketch lines in the future.

Few days of drying and next stage is colour! I started from the most light part – wall and body of bathing woman. 

 So, few days for full drying layer and ready to a final step - full detailing and modulation. 
Here is the result. 

Size without frame 40x50cm. 
Artwork is on sale.
Please contact to for any questions.

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